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End to end electrical cabling solutions, maintenance and project management

Lancom has qualified electricians for any electrical cabling installation or repair!

Electrical cabling is often required in conjunction with most data and voice cabling installations. Lancom can attend to this need, therefore alleviating the demand to employ and co-ordinate any additional contractors. Whether it is the provision of power to the desktop or the installation of a UPS (Un-interruptible Power Supply) backed up by a generator, Lancom will advise, design and implement the right electrical cabling solution for your needs.

Our electrical cabling team has a wealth of experience delivering electrical services on-time and on-budget for corporate and industrial industries, we can assist your business with:

  • Electrical cabling / rewiring
  • Plug points and dedicated plug points
  • Testing and fault finding
  • Lighting systems
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • UPS Systems
Lancom electrical cabling solutions


What is the difference between a normal power socket and red dedicated socket?

A red power socket is a dedicated plug point. It is meant to be used for PC’s and other sensitive equipment. The red plugs are on a separate dedicated circuit that usually bypasses the earth leakage and is sometimes connected to a backup power source. This is to protect the PC’s from power trips. The earth pin on a dedicated plug is a different shape to prevent heavy current drawing appliances from being plugged in; such as vacuum cleaners or kettles. This would cause issues on the circuit.

What is a circuit breaker?

Circuit breakers are found in the electrical distribution board. They are an automatically operated electrical switches designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. They work by shutting off the circuit to interrupt electricity flow and therefore prevent further damage or fire.

Can my network cabling run in the same trunking as my electrical cabling?

No, your data and power need to be kept separate. The electrical wiring will interfere with the network cabling and you will have intermittent packet loss and slow link speeds. Although you can get shielded network cable which helps prevent electrical interference, it is still does not comply with regulation to install data along with power.

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