Fibre optic cabling

High speed long distance backbone infrastructure

Fibre optic cabling is the way of the future

Fibre optic cabling makes present day networking demands achievable. As the demand for bandwidth and transmission distances is ever increasing – pushing our infrastructure to the limits. Fibre optic cabling delivers lightning fast data transfer rates with minimal decline over large transmission distances. Fibre optic cabling is ideal for backbone infrastructure in businesses with large premises or high bandwidth applications.

Benefits of fibre optic cabling:

  • High bandwidth – Fibre operates at frequencies over 1000Mhz compared to the 200MHz of Cat6 copper
  • Long distance transmission – Single mode fibre can transmit over many kilometres without bandwidth loss
  • Zero electromagnetic interference – The fibre core is made of glass which is not effected by electromagnet interference
  • Highly secure – Fibre optic cable does not suffer from attenuation and therefore cannot be effectively tapped

Lancom offers and end to end network solution incorporating fibre optics and copper infrastructure to provide the best solution for your requirements. We use the latest ODTR laser testing equipment and Fujikura fusion splicers.


What is the difference between single mode and multi mode?
In short, single mode has a narrower core and is used mainly for long distance applications using laser diode based transmitter. This can be up to 10km in distance or even more.  Multi mode fibre is a much larger core and is used for shorter distances – up to 550m. Both types of fibre are capable of 100Gbps link speeds.
Does my current router support fibre?
There are generally two ways of incorporating fibre into your network. If your current switch or router does not have support for a fibre module then you need to get a fibre to copper media converter. This will convert the fibre connection to a standard RJ45 copper connection.

If you have a switch or a router with an SFP port you will be able to plug the fibre link directly into this port via the appropriate Gbic module.

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