Wireless network solutions

Point to point (PTP) and Wireless local area network (WLAN)

A wireless network provides flexible connectivity over large spaces where cabling is not feasible

Lancom delivers wireless network solutions for a wide variety of business sectors including small businesses, hotels, restaurants and shops. We conduct a physical site survey to assess your current wireless environment and advise on a solution that best suits your requirements. Our experienced design and installation team will build a future proofed wireless network infrastructure specifically for your business.

We install two types of wireless network solutions:

  • Point to point (PTP) wireless creates a wireless high speed bridge over two fixed sites. This is useful as it requires minimal time to set up and is usually a fraction of the cost of running a fibre link.
  • Wireless local area network (WLAN) or Wireless Access Point is commonly referred to as WiFi. It is a means for wireless enabled devices such as laptops, tablets and smart phones to connect to the network or the internet. We install enterprise wireless solutions for home and office.


Is a wireless network solution better than cabled network?
In short, no its not. Although wireless technology has come a long way in the last five years, mid-range wireless equipment cannot match the quality and stability of a copper or fibre cable. We always recommend installing physical network points for general use and keep the WiFi for guest access or smart devices.
Why do I need cables if I only want WiFi?
Although we might be installing a wireless network for your business, each Wireless Access Point (WAP) needs to be connected to your network via a network cable. Therefore we will need to install a network point for each AP.
Do you install wireless boosters/extenders?
No, we don’t recommend installing these devices as they generally do not work very well. They are marketed at home networks and come with very limited functionality. Users often place them in areas with little WiFi coverage and expect it to boost the signal. However, the device cannot effectively boost the signal if there is minimal signal to boost. We recommend installing a wired network point and an additional AP.

We install wireless solutions from these great companies

Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless

Ruckus Wireless combines smart meshing, dynamic user security, adaptive RF signal routing and centralized management – all within a secure, scalable, and simple-to-use platform.
Aruba wireless

Aruba Networks

Aruba 802.11ac wireless access points deliver superb Wi-Fi performance – they can be deployed as controller-managed or controllerless Aruba Instant APs depending on the design, scope and scale of your wireless network.
Ubiquiti UniFI

Ubiquiti Networks

UniFi is the revolutionary Wi-Fi system that combines Enterprise performance, unlimited scalability, a central management controller and disruptive pricing

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