Network auditing & Faults

Get your network back to performing at an optimal level

Slow LAN speeds, Faulty network points, abnormal bandwidth?

If your business is experiencing any of these network symptoms then your network is not performing at 100 percent. Lancom has the tools and expertise to diagnose such symptoms and get your network back to performing at an optimal level again. A reliable, secure and flexible network should form the backbone of any business’s IT infrastructure.

A LAN audit can provide you with critical information and can be a powerful tool for decision making. We are able to:

  • Provide you with detailed information regarding the integrity of your current systems
  • Ensure your hardware and software systems are performing at optimum levels
  • Highlight areas of concern, such as disaster recovery, security, virus protection, and make recommendations for future growth

The best method to avoid faults is proactive maintenance. Contact us to discuss how we can protect and maintain your business’s network.


How do you test a faulty network point?
We use the latest testing equipment from Fluke to diagnose the fault on a network point. The tester is able to determine a fault on the cable and tell us where the fault is. It also tests the cross talk and electromagnetic interference. With this technology we are able to find faults quickly and have your business connected again as soon as possible.
Can a network cable be repaired?
If a Cat5 or Cat6 network cable is damaged or broken, the best practice is to replace the cable. If it is not possible to replace the cable immediately, we can repair the cable by cutting off the damaged section and re-terminating. This is usually a temporary fix until the entire cable can be replaced.
Can a fibre optic cable be repaired?
In short, damage to fibre optic cable cannot be repaired. However, it can be replaced to alleviate the damaged section. Fibre optic cable is made from a glass core and is therefore fragile and prone to damage when not handled correctly. If a cable is broken or damaged, it needs to be cut and re-joined via fusion splicing. This can be expensive. For this reason, fibre optic cabling should always be labelled correctly and installed in a protective sleeve or conduit to prevent accidental damage.

Log a Fault

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